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Concept et stratégie d'un Système de gestion de contenu
Version 4 was highly anticipated

This is a long-awaited update that Joomla offered us on August 17th. After nearly two years of development, the French CMS presented us with its new version, Joomla 4. And the watchword of this new version is indeed simplification.

The navigation menu has been revisited, and navigation is done by a sidebar on the left (with a reduced option) as with its main competitor, WordPress. But the French Open Source CMS will always offer as many possibilities of configuration and customization which will be at a lower cost given a greater number of developers. Still in the display theme, the new version of the code also allows pages to load faster. And the new engine is configured for more security, both at the core level and at the extensions.

Back office of Joomla 4
Back office of Joomla 4

This Joomla will also embed a new media management engine, which will allow the possibility of editing photos directly from the Back-Office. But also to create a custom tree for storing different types of files. It also integrates the brand new Bootstrap 5, the latter being characterized by:

  • the extension of grids,
  • custom CSS properties,
  • no support for Internet Explorer,
  • no more Jquery resulting in reduced file sizes and loading times which would lead to a better user experience,
  • the integration of libraries and toolkits etc …

In addition, the possibility of multilingual content demonstrates that it is evolving with the times and ensures the cultural particularities of customers, and this at no additional cost!

Known for its good performance in natural referencing, and for its large community, the CMS will certainly not be able to dethrone WordPress. But this Joomla 4 can largely seek to compete with its main rivals, Drupal or Shopify.

Joomla will be at the heart of an ongoing project at Quick Source. And the evolutions of this project will be to follow in the next publications of our blog.

Et vous, auriez-vous changé d’autres choses ? Allez-vous l’utiliser ?