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Poignée de main entre deux business men en gros plan
Rhigini, specialist in doors and interior door sets.

In a letter dated January, the company Righini, specialist in doors and interior door units, wished to address its thanks to Lionel Cohen, CEO of Quick Source. Indeed, Quick Source carried out a mission to modernize Righini’s IT department.

We are publishing today the content of this letter, symbol of the quality of services offered by our company:

Mr Cohen,

We have asked for your help to strengthen our IT department and support us in setting up additional skills within this same department.

In a context of severe disruption following the pandemic, and general difficulty in finding people who can quickly become operational, we measure the volum of work carried out andthe ability to adapt that you have shown.

The objectives have been achieved, and the company’s services reassured as to the speed and efficiency of the support provided.

You have also shown a positive attitude during our discussions and have always listened to us.

Also, we would like to thank you for all of your contribution.

Please accept, Mr. COHEN, the expression of our best feelings

Didier TARTAS, IST manager

It is with great pride that we receive these thanks from Righini, in return for the work done. The recognition of our professionalism is a real driving force for us, and should push us to do just as well on the next projects that have already been entrusted to us.